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    So now when you do Alt + Reblog, the reblog symbol turns green, “explodes” and then disappears.




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    Occupy the Library--Occupy Cal takes over the Anthropology Library to protest cuts

    We love our libraries and are here to protect them. Libraries are critically important for excellent education for all. We students, faculty, and community members collectively have decided to occupy the Anthropology Library at UC Berkeley to protest the dismantling of the library system on campus and public education as a whole.

    We chose to occupy this space because the Anthropology library is a recent victim of extreme service cuts. The hours of operation are being cut from the previous, already slim, 9am-6pm to the current 12pm-5pm, because the university has not taken the necessary steps to sufficiently staff the library. The multiple attacks on campus libraries are a reflection of privatization and the devaluation of the public education system.

    We are here to reverse this process. We call on the administration to take immediate action to hire another full-time librarian to ensure full access to this valuable resource.

    The administration may claim that there are insufficient funds, but in reality these resources exist, but their allocation by UC administrators and the state does not adequately reflect the values of excellent public education. Why have the UC Regents continued to approve 21% increases in administration salaries, while students are being denied access to their libraries? Why are the taxes of the 1% so low while essential social services are being cut across the state and country?

    We stand in solidarity with the Occupy movement as a whole and the protestors at UC Riverside who were met with violence in their attempt to protest the austerity policies of the UC Regents, Sacramento, and Washington D.C.

    Defend our libraries and schools. Occupy together.

    — The Anthropology Library Occupation
    January 19, 2012

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    i think i want to start blogging again

    but about important, worthwhile things. 

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    inkblot dialogue: 10:54 PM

    every single person makes a difference. 

    and interestingly enough, this is a common theory in economics known as the drop-in-bucket effect. it’s the idea that as a single person, one contribution doesn’t make a difference. it’s the reason why public goods fail, but applies to a lot of situations outside economics too, obviously. 



    so i finally got around to reading the news about all the protesting at davis and all that. it makes me so angry and frustrated that this is going on, but even more angry and frustrated that i can’t do anything about it. that i’m just a single student and that i have no voice. because this…

    but you can! i know no one likes to pay taxes, but voting for increased taxes to fund public education is gonna help. even though the uc’s are “state funded,” they’re actually not really. the state gives us no money whatsoever (well, okay, a little). In the past, i believe california provided 51% of funding for the uc’s. the number has gone wayyyy down. I want to say it’s ~30%, or less. I can get back to you on the stats later. wAnyhow, that’s why the board is pushing for higher and higher tuition fees every year. It’s because the state isn’t providing what it used to, EVEN THOUGH WE’RE A PUBLIC UNIVERSITY (in actuality, the uc’s are paying so much by themselves we’re practically private universities; also, there’s this whole other problem about funding going into the prison system, but that’s a whole other story that pisses me off so much i don’t want to get into it). and that’s what’s causing all this opposition against hiking up tuition and the occupy movement. if we want the state to provide for public education, we’re gonna have to pitch in. the problem is that no one wants to pay taxes! there’s a bunch of people who are arguing, “i don’t want to pay extra taxes for public education because i’m never gonna have kids” or “blahblahblah that’s never going to affect me because I already went to college” well, if that were the case, then we’d never get anything done. People who don’t drive would say, “i don’t want to pay extra taxes on freeways because i don’t even have a car.” but that’s the whole point of taxes. it’s so that society can become better as a whole. it’s not about the individual.

    and so, my point is, as legal adults and responsible individuals in the real world, i feel like an easy, simple contribution that we can make is to vote on increased funding for public education. it may not undo the wrongdoings of the police who brutalized peacefully protesting students, but at the very least maybe it can put this whole problem of tuition hikes to rest. i don’t know if this helped at all, but i guess I wanted to just write about this too. blahhh                                                                                            

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    I am finally Free

    And it tastes to sweet. I’m drunk off the feeling. 

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    i just want to pass……bleeeerrgfdugjhkdfngdfm,gd

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    fleet foxes concert

    one of the greatest nights of my life. greek theatre is a phenomenal venue and the band was breath taking. 4 hours of music-gasm happiness.

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loved this movie.


    loved this movie.

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    ironic parellels: starring Hahvahd Skewl of Pooblic Hearth

    almost a year ago, before I began college, I already owned a Harvard mug and a Harvard jacket. Some months after that, during the beginnings of my semester I was then given two Harvard teddy bears. These were all gifts given to me by my ex boyfriend, gifts that I no longer own. (Except the mug, my mom wanted to keep that for herself). the gifts represented a relationship, something that in retrospect, is flimsy and based purely on unstable feelings and whimsical teenage emotions.
    when the relationship ended, i went through a dark and murderous anti-Harvard phase. everything i didn’t throw in the trash I sent right back to the dirty little dorm it came from. It’s obvious to me now that I was over-reacting, but you know how things get in those moments.
    The me that I was back then, would never have imagined that months down the road I would end up befriending half the Harvard class, and spend an entire summer working at the Harvard School of Public Health, a job that  became a truly amazing and one-of-a-kind experience. And it hasn’t even been a year. Irony?
    And all the sudden, on my last day of work, I find myself once again laden with Harvard accessories. My boss had given me a Harvard School of Public Health shirt, a Harvard sweater, and a Harvard teddy bear.
    The parallel here now becomes quite obvious.
    Yet, despite the pretentious douchey-connotation that surrounds Hahvahd, I plan on wearing my HSPH shirt proudly. I did after all, work there for 3 months. And my new apparel represents something I earned on my own. They are gifts that I worked for by myself, and to me that has so much more value than my previous things. This isn’t supposed to be an anti-relationship rage, but I definitely appreciate the worth of independence that my new Harvard goodies represent to me. The connotation surrounding these gifts are stable, not dependent on someone else’s feelings towards me. They are the mornings I dragged myself out of bed for a 1+ hour commute to the office. They are the meetings I attended. They symbolize the amazing relationship I was able to create with my Professor (standing offer to return to HSPH whenever I want, YAY! Can’t wait to go back); it’s all me me me and me.
    Granted, this is a little over the top. After all, things are just things. But still, it is kind of uncanny.

    All I know is, my new Harvard bear will find a cozy home on my Berkeley dorm bed, without any chance of him ever being mailed away.  (:



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